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We provide you and your family members with Services of Quran Reading, Quran learning, Quran recitation and holy Quran understanding through the knowledge and wisdom of our professionally trained holy Quran Teachers.


Professional Teachers

Learn Quran Online

All our Online Quran Teachers have experience of teaching Quran online. Our teachers are not only selected just for their knowledge, but also for their interpretational skills to gain motivation and encouragement in students to increase the knowledge of the Quran more and more.


Responsive Website

Learn Quran Online

Learn Quran Academy has responsive website which is accessible from every internet enable device. The website is easily readable with any screen resolution. There is Webportal sytem through which student and teacher can learn and interact and student webportals enable to see lesson., lecture details, classes schedule and teacher notes.

Our Specialization

Learn Quran Academy was established in 2006 with the aim of teaching the Holy Quran from Arabic alphabetsto reading Quran with Tajweed in U.K and all over the word. Our key aim in mind is to prepare children who are unable to read Quran with Tajweed and for adults also who can read but not aware of Tajweed rules.

Basic Quran Reading

This course has been established for the kids who don’t have any prior Quran education. This enables students to read Quran fluently in Arabic accent.

Reading Quran with Tajweed

Tajweed means the true pronunciation of each and every word of Quran. Tajweed is the recommended style of reading Quran. This course is about the rules of tajweed while reading Quran.

Memorization of Quran

Millions of Muslim parents have desire to make Quran memorize to their children. Therefore, learn Qur’an is offering complete service of online Quran memorization under supervision of skilled tutors.

Islamic Education

Islam is based on the Submission of human will to One God “Allah” The only One, The Superior and The Only Creator of This Universe with no partners and all the existence under his own Control. In this course we teach the concept of Islam.


  • Your Teacher is very good Mash Allah. Alhumdulliah I am very happy. I feel emotional because shes made it very easy for me to read thank you so much.
    Eram Jabeen
  • Keep up the good work I am learning with Learn Quran Academy for years to come. Insha Allah My kids are happy so they are learning fast and enjoying it. Hadiyah's Mother - UK
    Hadiyah’s Mother
  •    I found Learn Quran Academy extremely helpful in providing a solid base for my 7 year old daughter in Quran reading. Her tutor is very friendly and professional. Also has good English communication skills. The Basic Quran Reading course outline helped my daughter understand the fundamentals of Arabic reading. ..
    Sami Abawi
    Connecticut, US
    Learn quran testimonial
    Web developer
  • Assalaamualaikum, Brothers and sisters, I have just started the course and believe me in the first class itself you will get a feeling that you can learn and understand the Holy Qur'an easily. Learn Quran Academy has teachers who are very compassionate and professional in their work. 
    Learn quran testimonial
    Zia, London
    designer & artist
  • I am a student and I am very very satisfied with techsoft.solutions classes. I love to learn quran now. It is very interesting. And your tutors are very nice and easy to learn with. I am very pleased with my experience with learn Quran Academy and highly recommend others God Bless You. Shuja, Liverpool
    Learn quran testimonial
    Shuja, Liverpool
  • It's an ideal service. My cousin recommended me this service. I started with uncertainty whether it will work for kids or not. But I'm really glade now because my kids are learning the holy Quran without any problem. Teachers are very kind even more than school's teachers
    Learn quran testimonial
    Muhammad Akram, NSW
    Bank manager
  • We have started online classes for our kids with learn Quran Academy almost 10 months back. Since then we are having a wonderful experience with Learn Quran Academy. Initially we thought that it won't be easy for kids to focus while learning Quran online. We started with trial sessions and realized we were not correct.
    Mr. & Mrs. Adnan Khan
    Oslo, Norway
    Learn quran testimonial
    web producer
  • I am a small business owner and Learn Quran Academy made it easy to me to choose the weekly timings of my Online Quran Classes. The way course is designed and professional teacher with in-depth knowledge of what he is teaching makes all the difference.Thanks to you Learn Quran Academy. Owais Hassan Liverpool, UK
    Learn quran testimonial
    ovais hassan
    Store Owner
  • I am a university student and want to get the basic Education about Quran without loosing my regular studies, so Allah made my this easy for me, now all of my sisters and brothers are getting it from Learn Quran Academy. We definitely recommend Learn Quran Academy to all the others Bilal Ahmed Berkeley 
    Learn quran testimonial
    Bilal Ahmed
  • Learn Quran Academy is an amazing online institutions. My three kids are Learning Quran Online since one year. We sometimes go on vacations to other countries  but due to online program my children never missed their classes. My kids are going great in reciting Quran with Tajweed. Musarat Aman Frankfurt, Germany
    Learn quran testimonial
    Musarat Anam
    House Wife

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